Download Internet Download Manager From the official website

Download Internet Download Manager is the most powerful software to download videos, pictures, audio files and all other file types, and is also the best download programs spread throughout the world, especially in America and Europe because the program enables you to download any files you want from all websites Quickly surpass any other program in addition to the possibility to resume all the files that you downloaded and even that the computer was shut down during the download and even if your Internet service has been interrupted, and the program manager gives you all the information for each file And download it like the source from which the file was downloaded, the time it took to download it, and the actual speed of the Internet available to you.

Internet Download Manager

► It works to increase the speed of downloading files to more than five times the normal speed, regardless of the location where the files are downloaded from. This happens by dividing the file into many parts.

► Easy to use It shows the button to download the file from any web page by simply clicking the download button or even playing the video or audio file of any kind.

► Enjoy a beautiful interface that allows you to use it in more than one language, whether English or Arabic language. The program allows you to choose the language when installing the program.

► The program was developed in the last period to maintain the safety and privacy of the user by showing the presence of infected files or the existence of malicious files that may infect the device.

► Supports all types of Internet browsers, all you need to download the download program Internet Download Manager from the official site and install it will appear the download icon directly without interference from you.

► Upload any number of files you want at one time and specify the speed of removing files and adding links to download files directly without entering the download site.
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After downloading the Internet Download Manager from the official site, you can download the files directly to the program with the possibility to locate the files, and download all the audio and video files through the program icon that appears on the page with download links or even a voice issued by the knowledge that you You can add a lot of files to the download list to download them at any time you want and download more than one file at a time without any problems, in addition to the program supports all browsers and works to increase the speed of downloading files by allowing the partitioning of files during the download to 32 - Also each For the problems that exist in servers download files As a result of the above we confirm that the program idm of the computer known as Internet Download Manager more powerful and famous among all other download programs of the most wonderful features that were mentioned at the beginning of the article.
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